Cavallo - Primus Models

Cavallo - Primus Models

The Primus models feature the laceup front with a wide variety of possible options.

The boot features a 7cm high dressage bow, reinforced outershaft with the inside in a black grip leather. The black grip leather has been chosen as standard because it is extremely hard wearing and durable whilst providing great contact with the saddle/horses side.

The "Primus" model is made standard without a zip and from full grain leather.

The "Primus Pro" model features a full rear zip - it is also possible to order with this zip at the front.

The "Primus Lux" model is made standard without a zip however in the Lux leather option of brushcalf leather. This leather has a highly polished finish.

If you prefer a zip in this leather option then the "Primus Pro Lux" will meet your needs - made from brushcalf leather with a rear zip. You can also choose for placement of the zip at the front if needed.

In both the Primus and Primus Pro styles there is also the option of Nubuck leather. Nubuck leather is a very finely buffed suede with a closed grain structure. Nubuck leather becomes really interesting when it is worn frequently; it develops its own character with the appropriate patina. Not to be compared with the harder to care for suede.

In all models a SLIM cut is also possible, the SLIM cut is made using a E14 last (a last is the wooden structure around which the boot is made) so this style is more suitable for riders with narrow ankles and feet. For last sizing please see here.