Sheepskin + Correctional Half Pad (Assorted colours)


Featuring 3 pockets on each side so shims can be used as needed. A set of shims is included with each half pad.

Australian sheepskin with a cotton quilting upper they are a popular item - hard wearing enough for every day and the highest quality to look terrific in the show ring or competing. Available in 4 fleece colours - black, natural, brown and cream.


Small is 52cm in the spine including rolls

Suits 16" and 16.5" show saddles, 16" dressage/jumping/all purpose saddles

Medium is 56cm in the spine including rolls

Suits 17" and 17.5" show saddles, 16.5" dressage/jumping/all purpose saddles

Large is 58cm in the spine including rolls.

Suits 17" and 17.5" dressage/jumping/all purpose saddles