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MATTES Core - L Size/Full Fleece - Khaki Classic


The details

Large Size - Sheepskin on the top front & underneath


Why you will love this

Sheepskin is naturally soft and provides a comfortable and cushioning surface for your horse's back. It's known to be excellent for pressure dispersal helping to reduce pressure points and improve comfort. 

The natural fibres are breathable and moisture-wicking helping to keep your horse's back cool & comfortable

The anatomic cut of the spine ensures the horse is comfortable along the spinal area and this allows for good connection between the horse and rider

Velcro straps are placed strategically to ensure the pad remains secure and doesn't interfere with your horse. The straps are specifically chosen to ensure they sit flap and do not cause pressure points under the rider's leg.

Where is this made and by who?

EA Mattes has been specializing in sheepskin products since 1867 with workshops in Germany and Poland. Raw materials are sourced in Australia making for a special partnership and excellent quality product. Horses, their riders and all of nature are a genuine passion for Mattes and each equestrian piece is produced with the horses' comfort #1. Product personalisation, bespoke production and ensuring items are produced ethically and sustainably make the range second to none.