Caring for your saddle

Caring for your saddle

Here's some of our tips to care for your saddle. 👍🐴

👌 Check your saddle rack isn't leaving indents in the flocking. This can alter the fit of your saddle and make it very uncomfortable for your horse.

💦 Open & clean around the buckles on your stirrup leathers. Check the stitching! Often this is one area where the stitching rubs away from the riders leg and becomes weakened.

👏 Clean the underside of your saddle. This area regularly gets forgotten about - then your lovely new white saddle blanket ends up with marks! The underside of your saddle can collect just as much dust/dirt/sweat/grime as the top so it's important to make sure this is cleaned regularly and conditioned. Your white saddle pads will also be much happier for it.

🙊 Clean and check your girth points. Is one girth point stretching more than the other? Are the holes no longer level? This can be a great indication of saddle fit and to keep in mind how your girth points are wearing. Don't forget to check the stitching of the billets to the saddle either.

⏰ Are you cleaning your saddle regularly? Saddles are a huge expense and it's really worthwhile to make the time to remove sweat, dirt and grime frequently.

Consider having a small towel nearby to wipe off your gear when finished. In our stables we have a sheepskin mitt that lives alongside the leather conditioner - this makes conditioning leather quick & easy. 😃

🤫 PS There are many brands of saddle soaps and conditioners on the market - our favourite is sunlight soap for gear cleaning. We have found this is fantastic at removing grime and doesn't leave a build up. Remember your saddle leather is akin to skin - clean & condition .