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EA Mattes - Quilting design

EA Mattes - Quilting design

EA Mattes saddle pads are produced in 3 different fabrics of your choosing.

Cotton Quilting - the cotton quilting comes in a smaller quilting pattern and a wide range of colours. We find this washes and wears very well. The cotton fabric is very breathable and high % cotton so will suit if you prefer more natural materials.

Sheen Quilting - the sheen quilting as a slight shine, this is produced in a larger quilting pattern. The sheen fabric is high % polyester so washes well if you find items get dirty easily.

Velvet Quilting - the velvet fabric is just divine. Velvet pads are produced in a bigger quilting pattern and the velvet is very soft and luxurious to touch. This new style of fabric was introduced late 2020 after many trials and it washes exceptionally well. If we had to choose a favourite it would be the velvet!

For all saddle pads and numnahs the inside is a double laminate of POLYFLEX® (deep needled polyester felt) and polyester wadding – this construction is absolutely air permeable. This results in a quilt that is firm enough to keep its shape and washes very well. The high wither cut alleviates pressure in the wither area

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