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E.A Mattes - The PM System in action

E.A Mattes - The PM System in action

What is the PM system? Developed in conjunction with Peter Menet, designer of Amerigo and Vega saddles, this refers to the slot or button hole in the location of the top velcro straps.

This option comes standard on all EA Mattes saddle pads & half pads that have no sheepskin or top sheepskin and the top velcro strap is chosen. Perhaps you may already own a Mattes item with this option and never noticed or realised the use. By having this slot you are able to easily secure a half pad on the underside by threading through velcro straps.

Or if choosing to "design online" you can select the PM system slot on the item needed. Ensure velcro straps are on the corresponding item to "feed" them through the slots to ensure things sit securely.

The items being shown above/below are top fleece saddle pads that have top velcro thus the PM slot is included.The half pad being used has velcro straps to thread through and only the underside fleece so it can comfortably and securely sit underneath.

This system has many terrific uses and is a popular choice by riders who like to use sheepskin directly on their horses' backs. This enables the half pad used with different saddle pads whilst keeping a happy and comfortable horse. If the horse requires shims this is also possible to a pad underneath that has the correctional pockets.

Here we can see brand ambassador Amber & her lovely horse Chip showing us the system in action.

Amber tells us "The Mattes correctional half pad is no doubt my absolute favourite Mattes product, and should be an essential item in everyone's collection.

My horse underwent severe kissing spine surgery nearly a year ago, and due to complications, has been left with calcification/scarring lumps along his spine. This was an issue when he was cleared to proceed under saddle, with the saddle pad causing pressure rubs during every ride.

The half pad, as with any Mattes sheepskin saddle pad, is lined with thick, quality Australian sheepskin and ensures adequate spinal clearance. With the option of adding shims, I was able to raise any material off of my horses spine and avoid any rubs from occurring.
The PM system allows the half pad to slot under any of my Mattes saddle pads that have the system, mimicking a full sheepskin saddle pad with the added bonus of correctional properties and without the additional costs of purchasing full sheepskin every time. The Mattes correctional half pad has meant that my horse can continue his ridden career comfortably and happily!

For those with horses that must have ample spinal clearance, or that change shape frequently (in conjunction with your saddle fitter), this half pad is the way to go.”
Thankyou Amber and Chip!
If you have any questions about using or ordering the PM system please send us a message or email we are happy to help.

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